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4 Best WordPress Responsive Theme for Magazine

There are around 2000 Free themes for WordPress. Only around 1000 of those themes are Responsive. You will also find many child themes and child themes of those child themes. So which theme should I use?

First of all, the best theme depends on the type of website. We will take magazine website for this post. Magazine website is electronic version of traditional paper-back magazine. But it also includes the informative websites that shows information in a magazine style. Most of the blogging website can be presented as magazine.

What are the must have features for the Best Responsive Theme?

  1. Normally, the magazine websites earns from content based advertisements. So the best theme might be advertisement ready.
  2.  In this era more than 3 Billion mobile is internet connected. So being able to show the website in all types of devices is very basic need. The best theme must be responsive.
  3. Each website must be unique to look. So the best theme must be highly customizeable.
  4. Viewers love fast loading website. So the best theme must consume least possible time to load.
  5. It must supports almost all plugins to ensure versatile usagability.

The 4 Best WordPress Theme for Magazine Website:

  1. Meso Column
  2. Profit Mag
  3. Hueman
  4. Annina
Please read detail article here The Best Free WordPress Theme for Blog, Magazine & Business.

The most important issue you might be thinking is the security of your wordpress site. There are free security solutions that is very reliable. Please also check The Best Free Security for WordPress Site.

Please share your thought on comment.

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