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Private Universities trend in Bangladesh

The initiative of establishing Private universities in Bangladesh took place in 1980 but due to some reasons i.e. political turmoil it took a decade to be in functioning in 1992. A proper guideline along with all legal rules and regulation established to facilitate the higher education.

Present status of public and private universities:

Total 37 public universities and 85 private universities are listed in UGC website. UGC declared the name and address of 78 universities where students can enroll themselves and rest 7 universities are running their operation under certain circumstances of court order.

Economic Indicators

In 2011 total population was 152,518,015 ranking 8th in the world. The annual population growth rate is 1.2%. The young population constitutes one-third of the growing total population. Bangladesh has established a steady economic growth at 6%–7% per annum since 1996 and a current gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of $1,314 in 2014 (source world Bank).


Number of Students passed Higher Secondary Certificate Examinations and Enrolled in First Year of Public and Private Universities during 2007–2012 

No. Students Passed HSC Exam
No. Students Enrolled in Public Universities
No. Students Enrolled in Private Universities
Total No. Students enrolled in Public and Private Universities
% of HSC Passed Students Enrolled in First Year of University
94,424 (+15%)
11,0342 (+17%)
11,7213 (+6%)

The number of students passing HSC is increasing gradually. But the public universities are not expanding at that rate. As a result number of Students are increasing in Private Universities.

The trend shows that private universities are playing significant roles in Bangladesh.

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