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How to write a Cover Letter for CV

Cover letter for Resume points out to employer the brief information indicating that you have the qualities the job calls for, makes a statement about yourself and your suitability.
A survey in the US of employers found that

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Private Universities trend in Bangladesh

The initiative of establishing Private universities in Bangladesh took place in 1980 but due to some reasons i.e. political turmoil it took a decade to be in functioning in 1992. A proper guideline along with all legal rules and regulation established to facilitate the higher education.
Present status of public and private universities:
Total 37 public universities and 85 private universities are listed in UGC website. UGC declared the name and address of 78 universities where students can enroll themselves and rest 7 universities are running their operation under certain circumstances of court order.

The 3 Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat - Book Review

The first time I heard about Mr. Chetan Bhagat and his "The 3 Mistakes of My Life" is exactly 3 years ago. I was going through a corporate training. On second day of the training, the training manager came for a Q&A session. She told how much she loves reading and we should keep reading. She told about one of her favorite writer, Mr. Chetan Bhagat.

After 3 long years I found the book and time for concentrating on the novel. I started reading the book, and... guess what... the prologue drew my all attentions at once. Its awesome.
The 3 Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat
As the tagline says, "A Story about Business, Cricket and Religion", well said, indeed. This is a glimpse of India, depicting the most 3 issues of daily life of Indians: Business, Cricket and Religion.

As I said, this is "glimpse". Life is much more complex when emotions plays the vital role in most of people's mind. But the most discussed issues are depicted in well writing by Mr. Ch…

The Best Free WordPress Theme for Blog, Magazine & Business

Finding best free WordPress theme takes lots of time and analysis. I chose the best and free theme after analyzing hundreds of themes. After experiencing, now I can recommend those theme. All the theme described here are free of cost and available in WordPress.
Why WordPress
WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS). Nearly one forth of the websites are developed on WordPress.

WordPress is Free, open source
Easy to install, takes less than 5 minutes
Easy to manage, there are lots of video tutorials on YouTube
Lots of options for customization with themes and plugins, which are also free

WordPress Theme Categories
Most of the themes are developed for versatile usage. But I found that each theme has unique competitive edge for certain type of website. Like, Hueman theme is perfect for blogging but not suitable for company website. So I have made few categories and analyzed the themes for it's suitable category, those categories are:

Blogging Theme for personal blogging
Magazine Th…

Best Android App for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a gift. The first time you know that you are going to be mom or dad is very memorable moment in entire life. It begins a new era in parent's life. But the happy news comes with lots of questions, confusions, challenges and prejudices. Having best app for pregnancy helps a lot throughout the journey of being parent.

There are many android apps for pregnancy which can help you a lot. But finding the best app takes much time and testing. After testing some apps I found the best one and another (better) one.
Best Android App for Pregnancy:
Ovia Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown Calendar
Ovia is my most favorite app for pregnancy. It's like my guide to the whole new world of parenting. Ovia tells you what is normal and expected in each day of pregnancy. You can find out unusual symptoms and take precautions.
The daily update on what is normal and how to face the pregnancy symptoms are most favorite to me. Each morning, I check the updates and feel more strong connectio…

Entry Strategy: Bangladesh Digital Signature Industry

Digital Signature electronically authenticates the author of any document. It encrypts documents with digital codes which is almost impossible to duplicate.
For example, a CEO can provide approval to any project through email with digital signature. Digital Signature ensures that the email is not altered in the way and the CEO cannot deny his approval.
Digital Signature Industry of Bangladesh
Digital Signatures are provided by Certifying Authorities (CA). As Bangladesh Economy is growing and getting digitized, need of digital security is also increasing. Here is the current situation.
Digital signature is controlled by Controller of Certifying Authorities(CCA) that was established in 2011. National Information & Communication Technology Policy- 2009 provides directions to introduce Digital Signature earlier. It is regulated by Information and Communication Technology (Amended) Act, 2006.

66% vs. 6:
A research revealed that internet adoption in business will be around 66% by 2…

Digital Economy of Bangladesh

Digital Economy refers to the new economy which is based on information communication and computer technology. It is also called Internet Economy.

Everything is going digital. Earlier there was giant computers on big rooms. Now we use smart technology products as hand band, mobile, tab, glasses etc. Presence of digital infrastructures and widespread adoption of technologies in daily life is transforming our work, entertainment, education, transportation, communication, healthcare and business. This changes brought new phase of economy which is called digital economy.
Significance of Digital Economy
Digital Economy has opened new horizons. Now you can work for an American firm sitting in Bangladesh. Technology brings us closer in terms of ease of communications. It also opens millions of windows of innovations and opportunities. A website now can earn a billion and generates thousands of jobs. Even you can get your dream project funded by crowd with the help of internet.

Digital Econo…

What's there for Bangladesh in 2050?

Bangladesh is the 8th most populated country in the world. Having 536 billion GDP (PPP) and around 170 million people, the country is the 31st largest economy of the world. But the country’s economy is growing at more than 5% since 2004.
So, how will be the economy of Bangladesh in 2050?
In recent study titled “The World in 2050 - Will the shift in global economic power continue” projected the followings:

Bangladesh will be the 23rd largest economy in 2050 in terms of GDP PPP
The country’s GDP might be $1,291 billion in 2030 which is more than double compared to $536 billion of 2014
The GDP might be $3,367 billion in 2050 which is more than 6 times compared to 2014
PWC researched 32 country's economy which contributes 84% of whole world’s GDP. Bangladesh is one of the eight countries included in this research for the first time. Here are some other projections:

World’s economy might grow at average 3% per year in the period 2014 to 2050. Though the growth might slowdown after 2020.

Time is Money. Get prepared for Retirement early.

Time is money. Yes, truly it is.

In one sense, you can work hard and earn comfortably when you are young. As time goes on, you get less enthusiasm and loss your ability to work more. So as earlier as you can earn, you should save for the rainy days.

In other sense, if you save small amount now you will get back large outcome in future. For example, you can invest your hard earned money in real estate. As you grow in age, you asset grows in value. In future the asset may compensate for your retirement or any urgency for money.

Personal Finance for Retirement Plan

Personal Finance
Finance seems to scare many of us and we always struggle with personal finance. Simply, personal finance relates to our personal income, expenses & savings.

Time is MONEY! Theoretically, there is time value of money.

Say, you're now 30 years of age and you have decided to save 1,000 per month in a pension scheme giving 10% annual return. You continue to save till 40 years' of age and stop saving. But you kept the money in bank giving 10% annual return for next 10 years.

On other hand, your friend, wants to enjoy life to the fullest. So he doesn’t bother to save when he is 30. Instead, he has planned to save 2,000 per month when he will reach 40 (double than your saving amount) in similar pension scheme giving 10% annual return for 10 years.

So, whose savings at 50 years of age would be higher? As your friend saved double amount, you might think your friend will have more money at 50 years of age.

Your money would be higher than your friend’s by 30.8%


Let’s sta…