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Investors Role in Corporate Governance - Survey Findings

I conducted a survey on 2010 for my graduation research. A part of the survey was focused on investors' role in corporate governance in Bangladesh. The investors are directly affected by the corporate governance. They also have responsibilities. Here I have described the survey findings.
Investors Attending AGM or EGM

It is surprising that only 14% of the respondents attended any AGM or EGM and only 2% ever voted for electing or removing directors. It indicates that most of the investors don’t have interest in performing their roles or responsibilities in corporate governance. Their only motive is earning money. They hardly care about the performance of the companies.
Participation in Initial Public Offerings
The respondents were assumed to be secondary market participant but 84% of them were found also active in primary market. Not only they use their own BO account for applying in Initial Public Offer (IPO) but also they operates multiple BO accounts in others names. On average ever…

Impact of Corporate Governance on Bangladesh Stock Market - Survey Findings

As my graduation internship report, I did a research to find out whether the market price of equities is sensitive to corporate governance or not. If the investors rely on fundamental analysis then corporate governance should affect equities’ price. A set of declarations and their impact on equities price were surveyed among a sample of 100 investors. This research didn’t focus on degree of impact of corporate governance on equities price. They survey findings are illustrated below.
Trading Experience

51% of the respondents stated that they started investing in stock market less than one year ago. On the other hand 32% started between 1 to 3 year ago and 17% started more than 3 years ago. That shows that last year there was huge interest in investing in stock market.
Average Investment

Average investment of the respondents is 445,760.50 and mode value is 200,000. These indicate tight portfolio of most of the investors. Tight portfolio is believed to have a more risk propensity as investor…