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How to Develop Yourself for Multiple Career

Multiple Career means having more than one career by one person.
For example, a doctor can also be a photographer, a journalist can also be a writer.
Multiple Career is of two types.
Concurrent Multiple Career:
When one person maintains more than one career at same time then it is called Concurrent Multiple Career.

For example, Mr. X works as a doctor in throughout the week days and at weekends he works as wild life photographer.

This type of multiple career is referred in hyphenated. The Mr. X can be called as "doctor-photographer".
Sequential Multiple Career:
When someone starts a new career after leaving earlier one then this is called Sequential Multiple Career. The person is having multiple career in his/her lifetime.

For example , Ms Y worked solely as doctor for 10 years. Now she wants to live her dream life as wild life photographer. So she starts his new career.

This type of multiple career is referred with "ex-", such as "ex-doctor photographer".

Personal …