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How to write a Cover Letter for CV

Cover letter for Resume points out to employer the brief information indicating that you have the qualities the job calls for, makes a statement about yourself and your suitability.

A survey in the US of employers found that

Ø  42.9% wanted candidates to submit a cover letter for each position.
Ø  29.8% felt that they were not important
Ø  27.4% had no preference

What do employers look for in cover letter?

Most commonly followings are looked for in cover letter. Try to make these available in your letter.
Ø  Related skills according to the job description
Ø  Clarity of writing, formatting, specification
Ø  Your value not the basic
Ø  Spelling and Grammar
Ø  Personal Vision and Uniqueness
Ø  Brevity

What you will include in your cover letter

Attractively arranging the information in your CV, a cover letter should state in no uncertain terms why the company should you. Statements should encourage recruiter to give your CV the deserved attention. Step by step guideline is below to design your cover letter.
Before writing your letter do some research on the job to apply and the company. Also gather information about its competitors.
Always try to address the letter to the person dandling job application. You will found it normally in the job advertisement. If you know the person Then Write “Dear Mr./Ms X” and if you don’t then use “Dear Sir/Madam”.

First Paragraph:

Opening paragraph should be to the point and shortly explain why you are writing.
Ø   State the job you are applying for.
Ø   Mention where you found its advertisement

Example: “I was very interested to read your advertisement for Assistant Manager in [insert newspaper name] as it precisely fits my career plans.”

Second Paragraph:

This section should concise your interest and suitability for the job.
Ø  Cause of your interest in that type of job
Ø  Why you are attracted to the company
Ø  Why are you suitable for the job

Example: “I first became interested in [insert job type] during my student life. Since then, discussion with my careers advisor and my own belief I have prepared myself suitable for this type of job. The nature of my degree course has prepared me for this position”.

Third Paragraph:

Here you have to relate your strengths and skills mentioned in the CV to the job applied to.
Ø  Mention your strengths which might be advantageous to the organization
Ø  Relate your skills to the competencies required in the job

Last Paragraph:
Write attractive finishing statements and thank the reader in this section.
Ø  Reiterate your interest in the role and why you would be right fit
Ø  Indicate you would like to meet them for an interview.

If you start with “Dear Mr X” then end with “Yours sincerely”. If you start with ”Dear Sir or Madam” then end with “Yours faithfully”. At last sign off.

How to present Cover Letter

A typed document in an easy-to-read font will ensure the recruiter can scan your cover letter easily. Keep it brief. One side A4 is sufficient. Following diagram clarifies it:

Most employers spend approximately half a minute to overview each job application. Keeping it in mind you have to make sure that your cover letter makes enough of an impression in those 30 seconds in readers mind. Your cover letter demonstrates your writing style better than your CV. So it should be more brief and factual.

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